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A few trials, trips, & a trail

Well, I’ve been kind of busy, and definitely a bit down on the idea that I don’t get to do my hike just yet. But I have no reason to mope, and so I won’t! I’ve recently taken on a second job, to help us get things going back on track. The best part is that I LOVE it! I get to help people pick out clothes and gear for their outdoor activities! So much fun! In March, our family took a trip to North Carolina to see our girl and her new husband, for Easter. It was fun! I love my daughter, and it was wonderful to see her in her own home, and doing her best with her life. She lives about 5 hours from the AT. I’d be there every weekend, if I did. But that’s me..

.Road Trip to NCHot Dog StopTanner missing the Mississippi

Our Family!My girl and her man

We’d never been to Raleigh, or Goldsboro, so got to add those to our list of 25 new places. We also stopped at a BBQ joint in Tennessee, so we could add that place too! We loved taking the boys. It’s been a while since our whole family went on a trip together. Memories were made. And that’s pretty important!

A couple of weekends ago, I had both days off, so B and I went to a lake. We took a little hike/walk and saw some beauty right here in Missouri!Harry Truman State Park


Heading out on the Bluff Trail Morels and Trailhead excitement!

Truman Lake

Bluff trail overlooking the lake

So, now I’m in a boot, and working lots of hours. And reading about others’ adventures. Life can’t be all trips and trails, right? Today, might be more trials, but life’s not just that either, and the triumphs will come, soon!