Some of my favorite blog postings

I just thought I’d share a few of my absolute favorite blog posts of late. So much to think about when planning. I want to get it all right the first time! I don’t suppose that is possible, but I want that anyway!

Lady on a Rock, aka Rockin’ never disappoints in her posts! She is someone I admire very much! This year, she fell on a hike, and made it out to not only hike again, but went back to the spot where she fell, and concurred her fears! She is amazing! But the following are two posts about issues that I found very helpful, to my personal plans. Check out her blog, if you haven’t!

Appalachian trials is another very good blog! I am always amazed at the great information shared there, for anyone who is searching! Maybe you’ll find some good information on this post, and maybe you’ll find some other posts there, to benefit you!

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