October 2015

Training Hike Prep 1

In all things, preparation is best. Of course, sometimes, you don’t get to prepare. Things are thrust upon you, and you must be ready, but in hiking, proper preparation will go a long way, and even help YOU go a long way! This past weekend, I took a look at my meal plan, and what I already have, and then purchased some more things, to round out what I still needed. (crackers, bars, etc.) Then, I set to work, lining up the days and the meals, and gave each day a bag of food of it’s own. THEN, I got out the vacuum sealer, and sucked and sealed all 4 days, I will be on the trail, for my training hike.

My son will be participating in a TeenPact leadership event called, “Venture” (For those who know about TeenPact, this is an alumni event for boys only.) He needs to be there from Sunday until Friday, and I’ll drive him to Tennessee for it. Just 2 short hours from his event, is the Appalachian Trail! I have found a new friend, who will meet me in Hot Springs, and together, we plan to do a small 3 night/4 day section! I’ve never been on the Appalachian Trail, so I am VERY excited! We’ll stay at a Hostel, where, if timing is good, I may even meet some real life thru hikers doing their thing! I hope so! I’m budgeting to do some trail magic for them! Anyway, today, I wore my pack for about 20 minutes, to get a feel for it. I plan to wear it in intervals all week, as I slowly add all the items needed. I’m just not walking. The pumpkin patch is tiring, but I wish I could walk more. I guess it’ll be good that we aren’t planning for big mileage on our hike.

I dehydrated some salsa, black beans, and a can of chicken, to make burritos for lunch, on the trail.


Salsa, dehydrates on a plastic “leather making” insert. On the trail, I will add a bit of water into the small baggy, and wait a few minutes.


Black beans were from a can, I rinsed them, added a spoon of lard, and some taco seasoning mix, then gave them a minute or two in the microwave, before, blending them with a handheld blender, and spreading them out on parchment paper lined trays. I will also just add water to the bag, and wait. They rehydrate wonderfully!


The chicken is admittedly, an experiment. We shall see if it works! I used a mesh liner on the tray, as the pieces were small. I added half to a baggy with dehydrated bell peppers, and minced onions, and also added some mexican seasoning. I’m hoping to make fajitas with it! The other half, I plan to add to a bag of prepared Broccoli Cheddar soup! Here’s to trying something new!


Round 1 of planning. Laying everything out, and checking for where my gaps were.


This is final stage. I didn’t think about pictures along the way, sorry! Each day, breakfast is sweet potato porridge, with apples, raisins and maple pecans. Lunch is burritos, or salmon pouch with cracker crumbs (the food saver crushed my crackers! Lesson learned!) Dinner is various. Monday/Chicken Fajitas, Tuesday/Broccoli Chicken Cheddar Soup, Wednesday/Spaghetti (I forget if it is real pasta, or spaghetti squash. I dehydrated leftovers a while back! lol) and I threw an extra meal of Potato Chowder in, in case we need more. I’ve also packed oil packets to add, as that’s important, and cappuccinos, plus protein bars for afternoon snacks, as well as a nutty trail mix, chocolate bars, freeze dried fruits, and dehydrated zucchini chips. Each day weighs roughly 1 1/2 pounds. Some are lighter, some are a bit heavier. I think other bloggers plan for about that weight too. Hopefully, I’m carrying enough food, but not too much.

I haven’t posted in a while, but plan to do another one later this week, so that I can share the last few things I’ve got to do this week. Then, I’ll post a POST TRIP report! So excited to get pictures on here! lol

“The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God…”     Romans 12:6a