2 Birds…1 Stone!

So, to undertake a big hike, you need to make sure your bank can handle it. And you also need to make sure your body can handle it. To get closer to this goal, I have found a job at a friend’s Pumpkin Patch/Farm. They sell lovely flowers as well as the pumpkin party they are gearing up for. So, I’ll work for a couple months selling mums. The mums are in 10″ buckets, and weigh LOTS, especially when the plants themselves are full, as they are. It is my job to pick up the mum, and set it on a cart, and push the cart to the front for the customer. I try, when I can to pick up two at a time, and use my thighs. Today, I am noticing the great work out, those thighs are getting! Not to mention, the pay check! Every little bit helps!

A few other exciting moments from the week, were the big pick up of the apples at the farmers’ market. My favorite backpacking breakfast is sweet potato porridge with dehydrated apples. I bought sweet potatoes too, so I’ll be dehydrating both this week. Yum!! When I figure it out, I’ll add a link to the recipe. http://www.backpackingchef.com/sweet-potato-bark.html

Let’s see. I am still trying to figure out the blog technicalities. My husband is great at computery things, so I’m hoping he will help me get this thing a bit more user friendly.

Thanks for joining me!

“My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14



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