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This weekend, we got together with some really great long time friends of ours. As always, we spent time catching up, and talking about our new plans, adventures, etc. Since, mostly, the last 15 or more years have been raising kids, and the three ladies have been stay at home moms, we are now, all taking on new identities. One wife is headed back to working part time,  one wife is headed back to school, and I am planning a thru hike. This garnered LOTS of questions. It’s interesting. I’ve been reading, and planning and working out details for a while, so I find myself answering questions that are second nature to me, at this point. This means that I really do need to inform my followers of the things that might be coming to your mind, as well…

1) The Appalachian Trail is roughly 2200 miles. Well, this year, it was 2189 miles. Every year it’s a bit different because of maintenance and sections rerouted for various reasons. This means thru hikers need to be keeping up to date, and there are some great websites who keep us up to date on things, such as and

2) I will start in Georgia, and finish in Maine. The trail travels through 14 states, near the east coast. It will take me roughly 6 months. My plan is to begin just after Easter, the last week in March, and finish by October. Of course, anything could happen, that might take me off the trail, and bump this. I will have to plan for flexibility.

3) I will plan to take short breaks every week. This means I will spend roughly 4-5 days on the trail, and then come into town for a night, or maybe 2 and then head back out, with food and supplies to get me another 4-5 days’ worth of food.

4) Brooks will be in charge of sending the bulk of my provisions via mail drops which I will pick up in towns along the trail. These places are very “trail friendly” and will be happy to hold my boxes until I get there. At a later point, I will try to post a list of items that would be good “care package” things, if you’d like to drop me something. Likely, my favorite will be notes and cards of encouragement.

5) I will post pictures, and journal entries when I come to town to keep everyone interested as I go.

6) Brooks also will plan to visit me regularly. I am happy to have folks join me for a few days, anywhere along the trail, and if you are interested. We can make plans later. There’s still plenty of time for all that.

Anyway, maybe there’s more questions. As I see them, I’ll try to address them. Thanks for coming along! It’s sure to be exciting!

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  1. Love this! Have you read/seen “Wild”? I loved it!!
    Love the references to God. Are you a Christian? Of which variety?? I am evangelical 🙂
    Really excited for your tsip and will support any way I can but in view of distance will be cards/encouragement and prayer!

    1. Yeah…I’m new to this. I will have to figure it out and get back to you! lol Thanks for your support! Yes, I’m Christian. He’ll be walking with me all the way!!

    1. Thanks! I’m excited too! The blog is a bit scary, but hopefully, I’ll get the bugs figured out, and it will be a good addition to my hike!

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