Hello world!

Well, here I am. I’m starting a blog to track my progress towards my goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail. As with all big goals, I expect to find trials that I will need to work through, and triumphs as I learn new skills and gain new abilities. There will be many trips along the way. I love to travel, as does my husband, and I may share the trips we take, here. Finally, I will endeavor to hit the trails regularly, and report on my shakedown and test hikes as well!

I’ve been thinking about hiking the Appalachian Trail for a few years. Just the idea of walking roughly 2200 miles in a mere 6 months is crazy to me. But I know many have done it. I will have plenty of things to prepare for, including figuring out the best gear to take, how I’ll manage my food, (mail drops, or in town resupplies) what kind of breaks I’ll have, and getting my body in shape. SO much to do!! I’m so glad you are joining me on this journey! Here we go!



  1. Are you up for a little friendly wordpress advice? Create some categories right away. It’s no fun to go back and add categories to lots of posts later on. Create another admin account with a different name and a good password then delete the default admin account. Create a separate editor account with your name that you use for posting. It looks like you could be uploading larger pictures. That is to say, the theme you have could display larger pictures. I actually think that uploading fairly large pictures is probably the way to go (maybe 1280 width). We’ve just been uploading larger and larger pictures as we switch themes and older posts start to look even older.

    Looking forward to reading of your adventures.

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